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Engaging our members and understanding their perspectives can bring about invaluable results to various topics and research questions. We invite our members to share their opinions and perspectives by participating in our online surveys.

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Open surveys

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Closed surveys (2019 to present)

  • Neck Pain Among Spine Surgeons

    Purpose: To  estimate the prevalence of neck pain in spine surgeons by using different measures. As a secondary aim, the study will determine medical and professional consequences of neck pain and the associated factors as well as significant predictors of neck pain.

    Release date: May 2021

    Target community: International

    Principal Coordinating Investigator: Sameh Abolfotouh

    Outcomes: -

  • EMG/NCS of the Cervical Spine

    Purpose: We are trying to understand how much or how little spine surgeons know about electromyogram and nerve conduction studies (EMG/NCS). This is a test of our community's knowledge.

    For answers and explanations to the test questions, click here.

    Release date: April 2021

    Target community: International

    Principal Coordinating Investigator: Daniel Riew

    Outcomes: -

  • COVID-19 and the Spine Surgeon: 1 year later

    Purpose: In March 2020, during the first wave of the pandemic, an initial AO Spine COVID-19 survey was circulated to assess the impact of the virus on spine surgeons worldwide. One year later, we are interested in gaining more insight as to the longer-term follow-up of our community, addressing prediction models, as well as assessing unmet needs and expectations.

    Release date: March 2021

    Target community: International

    Principal  Coordinating Investigator: Dino Samartzis

    Co-Principal Coordinating Investigators: Philip Louie and the AO Spine Regional Research Officers

    Outcomes: -

  • AO Spine study—Variations in the Treatment of Metastatic Spine Tumors

    Purpose: To ascertain the degree of variability in management strategies of patients with spine metastasis across AO Spine members and determine what practice and training attributes best predict the management strategies employed by members

    Release date: February 2021

    Target community: International

    Principal Coordinating Investigator: Daniel Sciubba

    Co-Principal Coordinating Investigators: Larry Lo and Zach Pennington


  • Perceived impact of gender on spine surgery practice and training: a web-based survey

    Purpose: To identify gender-based differences within spine surgery, trying to identify factors that may influence male and female careers.

    Release date: September 2019

    Target community: Latin America

    Principal investigator: Asdrubal Falavigna

    Outcomes: -

  • Use, Accessibility and Limitations of Intraoperative Neurophysiology in Latin America

    Purpose: To describe the use, accessibility, and limitations of the intraoperative neuromonitoring in Latin America. See which countries have more difficulties on access and which pathologies surgeons believe neuromonitoring is more important in.

    Release date: August 2019

    Target community: Latin America

    Principal investigator: Alfredo Guiroy


  • International Survey of Anti-Coagulation Practices in Spine Surgery 1.0

    Purpose: The objective of this survey is to assess the practices and variations towards anti-coagulation procedures of the international spine surgery community to establish future consensus and guidelines
    Read more

    Release date: May 2019

    Target community: International

    Principal Coordinating Investigator: Dino Samartzis


  • Surgery for acute traumatic spinal cord injury

    Purpose: To evaluate the opinion and practices among spine surgeons on timing of decompression in patients with acute traumatic spinal cord injury.

    Release date: March 2019

    Target community: Latin America

    Principal investigator: Asdrubal Falavigna and Alisson Telles

    Outcomes: -

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