Naming DCM

Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy (DCM) has recently been introduced as an umbrella term for several degenerative conditions of the spine that result in cervical myelopathy. Whilst there has been good uptake within the medical literature since its introduction, cervical myelopathy in its various etiologies lacks a recognized ICD [International Classifier of Disease], Medical Subject Heading [MeSH] for MEDLINE or equivalent grouping index term.

Moreover, key search terms are not unique: myelopathy can be caused by a range of other conditions, degenerative pathology of the spine can occur in the absence of DCM, and the surgical treatments can be applied to other spinal conditions. This complicates literature searches and research synthesis. Therefore, AO Spine KF SCI seeks to achieve consensus between key stakeholder groups on the choice and definition of the umbrella term specific to this condition.

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