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Abdel Wanis Muhammad
“Being an AOSpine member means to me that  I am a member of the world's biggest spine community. I am always up to date in my field, I can continuously improve my spine practice and share my experiences and expertise in my country as well as among global spine surgeon community.”

Mohamed E Abdel-Wanis (Egypt) 

Claudio Lamartina
“Thanks to AOSpine high-quality education, cultural exchange and professional support are constantly provided to each member. All together we are stronger than alone.”

Claudio Lamartina (Italy)

“AOSpine is all about leadership, responsible patient care, a teaching and learning process and new friends. I recommend the AOSpine membership in order to be actively and engaged in a team of educators, scientists, and surgeons working to better treat the patient by improving knowledge and skills in spine surgery. The network of friendship and knowledge is fantastic and highly motivating.”

Asdrubal Falavigna (Brasil)

Chung Chek Wong
“AOSpine membership to me means connecting to a global network of spine care providers who are passionate about teaching and life long learning. I would strongly recommend to  be a member of AOSpine to get connect to this global network of spine care professionals.”

CC Wong (Malaysia)

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