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Join the leading academic community in spine care

Membership Plus

All member privileges, plus access to the following online journals:

› European Spine Journal online
› Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine
› Spine
› Open Access Journals
› AO Spine's Curated Articles

By being part of AO Spine you…

  • belong to the largest spine surgeon network worldwide

  • have the opportunity to interact with the world’s most renowned experts in the field of spine surgery

  • gain access to leading-edge research and the most innovative educational and faculty development programs

Who can be part of our community? 

All surgeons and researchers in the spinal field are eligible to for AO Spine membership. 

We offer a significantly reduced membership fee for students, residents, and a flat fee of CHF 20 per year for surgeons and researchers from low-income countries.

Why join AO Spine?

"With its global reach, outstanding educational offerings and cutting edge, clinically significant research, AO Spine offers surgeons opportunities beyond that of any other spine society.”

Norman Chutkan, Chairperson AO Spine Community Development Commission

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