Hospital Militar—Bogotá, Colombia

Hospital Militar Central
Tr. 3, Numero 49-00

Phone: +57 1 3486868

Spine Center Director:
Javier Matta

Team member:
Fernando Torres Romero
Victor Arrieta Maria

Center description

The Hospital Militar Central has been operating for a 100 years. It is very well equipped and is one of the largest medical facilities in Colombia. Located in the city of Bogota, is an 800 bed hospital and in addition to medical care, provides a variety of educational services. The Spine Surgery Unit works together with the Neurosurgery Service, handling patients with spine pathologies.

Most frequent pathologies

All spine pathologies with emphasis on trauma and degenerative; in addition management of traumatic injury of the pelvic ring (sacroiliac joint, pubic symphysis and acetabulum).

Number of cases per year:



  • Cervical deformity

approx. 1 per month

  • Cervical trauma 
approx. 2 per month
  • Cervical tumor 
approx. 1 per month
  • Rheumatoid cervical spine 
approx. 1 per month
  • Chronic pain
approx. 30 per month
  • Degenerative cervical spine 
approx. 8 per month
  • Degenerative lumbar spine 
approx. 20 per month
  • Special Procedures 
approx. 1 per month
  • Thoracic & Lumbar Trauma 
approx. 5 per month
  • Thoracic, Lumbar & Sacral Tumor 
approx. 2 per month
  • Thoracolumbar deformity 
approx. 5 per month

Fellowship types

Long-term, Short-term

Language requirements


Special conditions

The Hospital Militar along with the Universidad Nueva Granada offers a spine training through a Fellowship Program. It will be a 3-month training, with the possibility to extend for another 3 months. A break of 15 days will be required.

The applicant has to be approved by the Hospital, by sending a letter to the Education & Research director.  

The training will cost USD 200 per month, which must be paid in advance, before the beginning of the fellowship - As soon as the fellow receive the approval letter from the Hospital Militar Central)‬

Program Characteristics


To form specialists with a high knowledge on diagnosing, treating and rehabilitation of spine pathologies, providing trainings for their professional development in the surgical, research and teaching medical areas.

Specific objectives:

• Adequate learning environment, with high motivation and interest

• Encourage clinical practice with responsibility, developing promotion, prevention and education actions

• Develop proficiency on clinical reasoning and decision making, on complex spinal pathologies situations

• Share neurosurgical techniques and develop competencies, based on the clinical and surgical aspects of the specialty

• Promote research

• Implement a program of self-education that values their own develop 

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