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AOSpine, the leading global academic spine community, is creating, disseminating, and exchanging knowledge to promote excellence in patient care and outcomes.

Our key activities at a glance

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Knowledge Forums (KF) are the engines of our clinical studies. They develop AOSpine classifications, staging of the disease, treatment guidelines, and outcome measures.

Lifelong learning and professional development

AOSpine is focused on lifelong learning, offering inspiring and innovative education programs that can help you at every step of your career development. New techniques and knowledge from research are translated into improved clinical practices and patient care, year after year. 
Our curriculum provides a structured educational plan for three levels of experience: principles, advanced, and masters. We combine expert face-to-face educational events with distance learning and self-directed study resources, creating a framework for the best teaching methods and techniques based on skills, learning outcomes, and surgeons’ needs.

The AOSpine Knowledge Forums are expert-driven working groups that carry out evidence-based studies on AOSpine’s behalf, with their results published and disseminated in influential journals and at conferences worldwide. 

Global Spine Congress 2019

May 15–18, 2019 in Toronto, Canada

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