Course with simulator in Lima, Peru

The hospital based simulation-training course is a great opportunity to practice and improve skills.

06 December 2018

Course with simulator in Lima

On the weekend of November 23–24 , we had our first AO Spine Hospital Based Course—Principles of the minimally invasive tubular surgery held in Lima (PE). The participant could practice and improve specific surgery skills in an 8h course that covered tubular discectomy, unilateral tubular decompression and over the top, TLIF and dural repair.

The course provided a better understanding of clinical indication, surgical limitations and treatment of complications to improve care provided to patients. To reinforce a high level of both realism and relevance, the course took place at the Clínica de Especialidades Médicas. A tailored approach was designed to teach planning and adequate choice of procedures to be performed in a minimally invasive tubular surgery. It also taught the current limitations of the tubular surgery and the most frequent complications, as well as how to prevent and treat the complications. The case discussion with the Faculty group allowed high participation and great discussion.

We had a total of 16 participants, divided into 2 groups. During practical exercises, 2 participants worked in each simulation station while the others discussed MISS clinical cases. The Co-Chairpersons were Carlos Cárdenas (PE) and Néstor Taboada (CO) and the Faculty group had Alejandro Morales Ciancio (AR) and Alfredo Vásquez Rodriguez (PE).

The learning objectives consisted of leading these groups to reach the end of this course being able to:

  • Plan the appropriate MISS surgical treatment
  • Apply strategies to avoid complications
  • Recognize the importance of proper soft tissue management and muscle dissection
  • Perform safe neural manipulation and retraction
  • Recognize the impact of partial or inadequate lumbar spine decompression
  • Perform a durotomy repair
  • Evaluate risk factors for instability of the postoperative lumbar spine
  • Perform the key steps of the TLIF procedure, including the insertion of an intersomatic fusion device

Course overview


AOSpine Hospital Based Course—Principles of the minimally invasive tubular surgery
Lima, Peru
23–24 November 2018

Co-Chairpersons: Carlos Cárdenas (PE) and Néstor Taboada (CO)

Faculty: Alejandro Morales Ciancio (AR) and Alfredo Vasquez Rodriguez (PE)

Practical exercises:

  • Tubular discectomy

  • Unilateral tubular decompression and over the top

  • TLIF

  • Dural repair

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