​Instituto Roosevelt—Bogota, Colombia

Instituto de Ortopedia Infantil Roosevelt
Carrera 4 Este # 17 - 50

Phone: +571 3534000

Spine Center Director:
Dr. David A. Meneses

Team members:
Dr. Carlos Montero Silva
Dr. Fernando Alvarado
Dr. Wilmer Godoy

Center description

The Roosevelt Institute has not only a medical director, but also a high quality department in charge of promoting an organizing patient-oriented service. Aditionally, the center has guidelines to handle the treatment of the main pathologies and permanent supervision to assess the accomplishment of targets and the compliance with the guidelines. The Institute assists several pathologies related to deformities of the spine, besides complete treatments for neuromuscular diseases.

Formation center for residents and fellows in Spine Surgery from different universities. University Hospital with National and International accreditation in Health by ICONTEC, ISO 9001  certification (20068 version), honor award for Safe Hospital.

Most frequent pathologies



  • Cervical deformity
    Cervical Instability
    Basilar invagination reconstruction
    Paediatric cervical reconstruction

approx. 4 per year
approx. 4 per year
approx. 4 per year

  • Scoliosis Deformities
    Idiopathic scoliosis
    Congenital scoliosis
    Neuromuscular scoliosis
    Sindromatic scoliosis

approx. 80 per year
approx. 40 per year
approx. 80 per year
approx. 10 per year

  • Spondilolisthesis 
    Low grade spondylolisthesis
    High grade spondylolisthesis

approx. 6 per year
approx. 5 per year
  • Kyphosis
    Posterior approaches

approx. 15 per year

  • Special procedures  
    Anterior approaches
    Cervical screw procedures
    Closing wedge osteotomies
    Congenital deformities not scoliosis

approx. 6 per year
approx. 6 per year
approx. 40 per year
approx. 15 per year

Fellowship types

Observerships, Short-term

Language requirements

Spanish, English

Vacancies per year:

Short Term: 2 

Fellowship Start

Short Term: February, August

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