Hospital Universitário Fundación Santa Fé de Bogotá

Carrera 7 No. 117 - 15 


Spine Center Director:
Dr. Luis Carlos Morales Saenz

Team members:
Dr. Fernando Alvarado Gómez
Dr. Fernando Hakim Daccach
Dra. María Constanza Bedoya Vizcaya
Dr. Enrique Jiménez Hakim
Dr. David Meneses Quintero
Dr. Juan Fernando Ramon Cuellar
Dr. Camilo Velez

Center description:


Since its creation, on November 2, 1972, the Santa Fe de Bogotá Foundation (FSFB) was called to become a leading institution for the development of health and to put at the service of all people the highest ethical, human, Scientific and technological, the mission of providing health services, the education of future professionals, working with vulnerable communities, research and contribution to public health policies.

The Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá aims to achieve maximum standards of care and satisfaction for patients and their families where their experience goes beyond their expectations, with the support of the organization Planetree found a tool that supports the path to a culture of differentiating service, humanized and therapeutic.

The Santa Fe de Bogotá Foundation has been outstanding for its management follow-up and can guarantee the best possible clinical outcomes. In 2016, 13519 discharges were reported with 5.1 days average stay, a total of 319 beds.

In 2008, the Hospital received the ICONTEC - ISQua accreditation and, in 2015, achieved National Accreditation in the category of Excellence for its continuous improvement for the benefit of patients and their families. The Excellence Category is the highest category that is conferred to an institution that undergoes this process.

In 2012, the Hospital received general accreditation from the Joint Commission International and in 2016 ratified its commitment and innovation with accreditation as Academic Medical Center Hospital for the provision of health services with the highest standards of Quality and safety. This makes it the only hospital in the country accredited in this category that involves, in addition to quality care processes, training, education and research processes in hospital environments. The international accreditation institution, the Joint Commission International - JCI, certified in 2013 the Program in Articular Replacements, in 2015 to the Peritoneal and Liver Transplant Neoplasms programs and in 2016  the programs in Cerebrovascular Attack and Narrow Lumbar Channel; Also re-certified Clinical Care Centers in Hip, Knee and Shoulder Joint Replacements. In this way, the Foundation positions itself as the second institution worldwide to have more Certified Clinical Care Centers and is the first clinical center of narrow spine care in Colombia.

The group is made up of members of multiple specialties, highly qualified, with experience in education, quality, data management and research. These professionals are in charge of aligning the processes with the different areas involved in the patient care of spinal pathology, pain management and surgical procedures and follow-up that guarantees an integral care. The Fundacion Santa Fe de Bogotá University Hospital in the spine surgery group has an average of more than 350 surgical procedures per year, not counting the work done by the interdisciplinary groups of pain clinic and neuro-radiology, with which it works in set the group of column for the management of degenerative pathologies, trauma, tumors and deformities, with techniques of minimal invasion, making the great opportunity of suitable procedures and a training school with great social and demographic impact from the perspective of the Spine Surgery training.

As a current projection of our column surgery section, we are implementing high quality programs under International Joint Commission International standards such as the Center of Excellence ig its participation in national and international events. Depending on the type of link in the hospital, they must generate research projects that involve teachers in their area, who guide them as thematic advisers and who according to their relevance and design, can be developed in their entirety in a trans-curricular way. The foundation has indicated a protected time for the development of research proposals. This applies to short term program participants.

In Clinical Care of the Narrow Lumbar Channel, which is the first in the world to be created. As previously described, and in turn is developing other centers of pediatric deformities and osteoporosis.

Students in spine surgery training will be part of the leading research group of the spine surgery service of the Santa Fe Foundation in Bogota.

Most frequently pathologies:

Degenerative, Deformity, Trauma, Tumor, Infection


approx. 278 per year

  • Degenerative cervical spine approx. 192 per year
  • Cervical trauma   approx. 48 per year
  • Cervical deformity  approx. 32 per year
  • Cervical tumor   approx. 06 per year

Fellowship types

Observership - Short-term, Long-term

Language requirements

English, Spanish

Vacancies per year

Short Term: 02 per year 
Observership: 03 per year 

Fellowship Start

Short-term: February and August

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