Hospital Pequeno Príncipe—Curitiba, Brazil

Rua Desembargador Motta 1070 


Spine Center Director:
Dr. Luis Eduardo Munhoz da Rocha

Team members:
Dr. Carlos Abreu de Aguiar 
Dr. Luiz Müller Ávila 
Dr. Ricardo M. R. Guimarães

Center description:

The Pequeno Príncipe Hospital is a high complexity general pediatric hospital that is specialized in attending children's and adolescents under 18 years old. It has 260 beds and all the surgical and clinic specialties, including heart, kidney and liver transplant. It has structure to outpatient clinic, surgeries and emergencies.

Universal access to conservative and surgical treatment without any distinction between economical status, with the best technological and evidence based treatment available.

All cases are seen by senior surgeons and fellows during clinics and when admitted for surgery. The plan is discussed with evidence based literature support.

All surgery are performed with two senior surgeons and the fellows are allowed to scrub in and according to the experience, to perform in the procedure.

There are one full day of outpatient clinic, daily round to the hospitalized patients. Weekly meeting with the team where the fellow must present a lecture and the cases done in the week before are discussed. We perform 4 surgeries per week.

The fellows are encouraged to participate in the clinical research with the Spine Unit, stimulated to submit the papers in congresses, and they will be part in the papers published that they had participated.

There is regularly one conference meeting in the hospital a week.

Fellows are encouraged to attend to other meetings, conferences and congresses.

Most frequently pathologies:

Deformity, Tumor, Infection


approx. 216 per year
  • Trauma   approx. 12 per year
  • Deformity  approx. 192 per year
  • Tumor   approx. 06 per year
  • Infection  approx. 06 per year

Fellowship types

Observership - Short-term, Long-term (6 months)

Language requirements

Portuguese, English, Spanish

Vacancies per year

Long Term: 02 per year 
Short Term: 04 per year
Observership: 12 per year 

Fellowship Start

Short-term: January until November 
Long-term: March and September

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