Hospital Churruca Visca—Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires - Argentina

Spine Center Director:
Dr. Marcelo Valacco

Team members:
Dr. Felix Imposti
Dr. Mariano Servidio

Center description:

In the past decades, our service has capacitated professionals that were fast highlighted in national and international levels. Among our ex-residents and fellows there are service’s bosses and prestigious professionals representing our institution all over the country and overseas.

Nowadays our service has 24 medical doctors, most of them permanent members of the Argentinian Society of Orthopedic and Traumatology. Two of them also actively participate as permanent members of the Argentinian Society for Spine Studies.

In spine pathology activities, we perform more than 700 attendances per month and around 185 surgeries per years. This gives the fellows the opportunity to face a huge variety of spine pathologies, there included pediatric deformity and MISS procedures, as well as pain management of epidural blocks with all the resources needed for diagnosis and treatment.

It should be noted that the service has a classroom provided with the elements for teaching practice.

General Objectives

  • Diagnosis and interpretation of highly complex spine pathologies
  • Request and understand the spine image studies
  • Surgical treatment of medium and high complex pathologies
  • Assist the surgical treatment of high complex pathologies
  • Perform the follow-up of operated patients
  • Develop academic research works
  • Perform academic and research activities

Most frequently pathologies:

Degenerative, Deformity, Trauma, Infection 


approx. 185 per year

  • Degenerative approx. 15 per year
  • Trauma approx. 15 per year
  • Deformity approx. 30 per year
  • Tumor approx. 10 per year
  • Infection approx. 10 per year

Fellowship types

Observership, Short-term, Long-term

Language requirements

English, Spanish

Vacancies per year

Long Term: 1 per year
Short Term: 1 per year
Observership: 1 per year 

Fellowship Start

Short-term: anytime
Long-term: June and July

Special requirements

Special license to work.

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