Kothari Medical Center—Kolkata, India

Department of Spine Surgery
8/3 Alipore Road,
Kolkata, 700027

Tel: +9831041712  

Spine Center Director:
Saumyajit Basu

Team members:
Indrajit Roy
Amitava Biswas
Naven Agarwal 
Trinanjan Sarangi 
Sanjit Kumar Singh
Souvik Gosh (Physiotherapist)

Center strength

Number of cases
Number of cases per year: 
Number of instrumented cases per year: 

Total estimated number of procedures per month:
• Cervical deformity
• Cervical trauma
• Cervical tumor     
• Rheumatoid cervical spine
• Degenerative cervical spine
• Degenerative lumbar spine
• Dysraphic conditions 
• Special procedures
• Thoracic & lumbar trauma 
• Thoracic, lumbar and sacral tumor 
• Thoracolumbar deformity    

Other techniques performed:
• Minimally invasive and endoscopic spinal surgeries


2 per month
4 per month
1 per month
1 per month
30 per month
10 per month
40 per month
6 per month
5 per month
4 per month
5 per month

20 per month

Types of fellowships

  • National fellowship
  • Regional and international fellowship
  • Short-term fellowships (2 weeks to 6 months)
  • Long-term fellowships (6 months to 12 months)
  • Fellow can scrub-in and assist scrubbed in (MCI registration is required)
Average number of surgeries per week in the OR for the fellow: 7
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