AO Spine Focus Issues

Collections of treatment recommendations, hot topics, and current controversies in spine care—produced by AO Spine North America and AO Spine Knowledge Forums.

DECEMBER 2018–VOL. 8(4S)

Global Spine Journal

Spinal Infections—From Prevention to Cure. Evidence based review of spinal infections, how to improve practices, and provide better care for our patients.

September 5, 2017–Vol. 7(3S)

Global Spine Journal

Clinical Practice Guidelines—Management of Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy and Acute Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury.

April 19, 2017–Vol. 7(1S)

Global Spine Journal

Special Issue: Rare Complications of Cervical Spine Surgery.

Focus Issues JOT

September, 2017–Vol. 31(4S)


Current controversies in injury assessment and surgical techniques in spine trauma.

October 15, 2016–Vol. 41(20S)


Focus Issue II in Spine Oncology: Evidence-based Medicine Recommendations for Spine Oncology.

October 1, 2015–Vol. 77(1S.)


The Aging of the Global Population: The Changing Epidemiology of Disease and Spinal Disorders.

October 15, 2014–Vol. 39(22S)


Introduction to Value Based Spine Care

October 15, 2013–Vol. 38(22S)


Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy: Current State of the Art and Future Directions.

October 15, 2012–Vol. 37(22S)


Adjacent Segment Pathology: Symptomatic or imaging-based findings that occur at a segment adjacent to a previously operated spinal motion segment.

April 20, 2010–Vol. 35(9S)


Spine Focus Issue on Complications—Do No Harm: The Balance of “Beneficence” and “Non-Maleficence”.

“We wanted to provide a framework of best evidence for current best practices; to give the reader the possibility to sit down with one source in their hand and find answers.”

Alex Vaccaro, Past Chairperson KF Trauma

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