About AOSpine

Advancing spine care worldwide

AOSpine is the global academic spine community promoting excellence in patient care and outcomes.

Here, AOSpine Chairperson S. Rajasekaran shares what being a member of AOSpine means to him personally.

Who we are

AOSpine is the world’s leading spine society, generating, distrib­uting, and exchanging knowledge to advance spine care through research, education, and community development. 

What we do

AOSpine is the premier knowledge provider in the field of spine surgery and at the forefront of education and research. 

Our organization

Familiarize yourself with our governance and get to know the people behind the scenes at AOSpine.

Global Spine Congress

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What our members say about AOSpine

Abhay Nene
“Being an AOSpine member gives me a world identity . It breaks down barriers and helps me seamlessly mingle with my peers across nations - discuss problems, share ideas, find solutions and socialize and make long-lasting friends.”

Abhay Nene (India), AOSpine Regional Educator of the year 2017

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