Meet the new AO Spine Switzerland Country Council members

Two elected to AO Spine Switzerland Council roles

30 September 2021

Switzerland Country Council

AO Spine faculty members from Zurich and Bern have recently been elected to three-year terms on the AO Spine Switzerland Council (AO SCH). Markus Loibl, from the Schulthess Klinik in Zurich, was elected as chairperson of the AO SCH; he previously served for three years as orthopedics officer. Christoph Albers from the Inselspital at the University of Bern was elected as the new orthopedics officer.

Loibl and Albers will help develop local (Swiss) programs, forums, and activities that make AO Spine membership appealing; encourage AO Spine members in Switzerland to interact and work to advance AO Spine’s vision; create a democratic network of spine specialists as members of AO Spine within Switzerland; ensure that local diversity, needs, and aspirations of AO Spine members are fully expressed, represented and promoted to the AO Spine Europe and Southern Africa Board; and build alliances and relations between the country chapter and other academic associations within Switzerland.

“After three years as orthopedics officer I am delighted to remain in the Swiss council to continue the AO mission and contribute to the development of skills and knowledge during orthopedic and neurosurgical training, and to the specialization in the treatment of spinal pathologies," Loibl says.

New AO SCH member Albers says improving patient care drives his desire to serve on the council.

“It is a great pleasure and honor for me to join the national Swiss council. As orthopedics officer, I would like to contribute to providing clinical and academic support for the younger rising generation of Swiss spine surgeons, improving their knowledge and skills, and ultimately patient care.”Other AO SCH members are Martin Stienen (neurosurgery officer) and Sven Hoppe (past chairperson). Learn more about AO Spine organization and governance here.

The new AO Spine Switzerland Country Council

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