Joining forces to address young surgeons' needs


02 February 2021

AO Spine, AJCR

The restrictions of the past year encouraged AO Spine to examine new approaches to spreading knowledge. Our education teams were keenly aware that younger surgeons could be particularly disadvantaged by the cancellation of face-to-face practical courses. To address this locally, AO Spine Europe and Southern Africa (AO SESA) joined forces with the Young French Spine Surgeons Society (AJCR—Association des Jeunes Chirurgiens du Rachis).

Together, the two organizations created a webinar series dedicated to the needs of young French-speaking spine specialists in 2020. The support of Laura Marie-Hardy, the newly elected Orthopedics officer on the AO Spine France Council and former president of the AJCR, was key to the success of the program.

“The association contributes to improving the training of spine surgeons through workshops and research projects in a collaborative spirit by promoting the links between each other, plus common objectives with the AO," Laura Marie-Hardy says. "For the participants, joining both AO Spine and the AJCR Spine means benefiting from training of recognized quality, with the best French and international speakers on themes close to daily practice, with topics dedicated to young surgeons.”

Philippe Bancel
“This cooperation favors the integration of young practitioners at AO Spine to make our community more accessible and dynamic: ‘today's youth are tomorrow's leaders’.”

Philippe Bancel, Chairperson, AO Spine France Council

Five open webinars in French

2021 will see the AO Spine–AJCR webinar series continue with five new French-language webinars on a range of different topics. Each webinar features a younger surgeon (Chef de Clinique) as the presenter, in tandem with an experienced surgeon as the moderator. The events are open and free to all AO Spine members and registered users:

For the AO Spine France Council, the first year of the joint webinars was a resounding success. The aim was to enlarge the French community and popularize AO Spine, inspiring both younger and older generations of spine surgeons to get involved. The result was that more than 100 new surgeons from France registered with AO Spine.

Henri-Arthur Leroy, the Education (Neuro) Officer of the AO Spine France Council points out that the faculty and moderators will all benefit: “Being in contact with young surgeons is an opportunity for senior practitioners to question themselves and pursue the perpetual learning process that is the surgical practice.”

As a trial, the 2020 webinars were also opened to all AO Spine users from all AO Spine regions. We continue to welcome an international audience of French-speaking viewers from all continents.

Jean Meyblum
“By promoting the integration of young spine surgeons into AO Spine, we can develop a real community of French spine surgeons: AJCR, AO Spine, SFCR ... There are many advantages for the AJCR: support for its projects from the AO, connecting with faculty for the various events. The AO allows the AJCR to organize quality scientific events and improve connections with other spine surgeons. There is an opportunity for its members to create real links with the AO.”

Jean Meyblum, President, AJCR

The recorded French-language webinars are available in the AO Video Hub for all AO Spine members here. The four AO SESA–AJCR events from 2020 focused on the following topics, including lectures on fundamental principles and wide-ranging case discussions:

  • Surgical Management of Vertebral Metastases
  • Diagnosis and Management of C2 Fractures
  • Surgical Strategies for Degenerative Lumbar Scoliosis
  • Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) applied to spine surgery

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