Welcoming the new AO Spine council members in Portugal


07 December 2020

Council Portugal

We are pleased to announce the election of new council members in Portugal. Bruno Santiago (Chairperson), João Maia Gonçalves (Officer Orthopedics) and Pedro Santos Silva (Officer Neurosurgery) will shape the strategy of AO Spine in Portugal, supported by Past Chairperson Nelson Carvalho. Their 3-year term of office starts on January 1, 2021. We wish them all the best.

Bruno Santiago says it is a great honor to assume the leadership in the AO Spine Portuguese Council. "We will be actively committed to the advancement of our community by growing the number of members, fellowship applications, and research opportunities, while keeping our training events to the level of excellence in these exceptional times. All suggestions, contributions, and thoughts from our members are most welcome."

João Maia Gonçalves is equally determined. "In the challenging times that we are living in, we will continue the educational endeavors and grow the spine knowledge and skills in our AO Spine community."

Pedro Santos Silva continues on the same lines: "I would like to share my experience and knowledge with younger colleagues, to maintain and improve AO Spine position in Portugal, and to grow as a spine surgeon and researcher."

We thank the current council members Nelson Carvalho (Chairperson), Jorge Alves (Officer Orthopedics), and Bruno Santiago (Officer Neurosurgery) for their contribution to AO Spine and hope they will remain engaged in our community.

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