Join AO Spine consensus process for naming a disease

AO Spine RECODE-DCM to agree on a single unifying term

24 September 2020

RECODE-DCM naming condition video

Imagine you did not have a name. The AO Spine Knowledge Forum (KF) Spinal Cord Injury invites you to find consensus in naming a disease. Is it degenerative cervical myelopathy, or cervical spondylotic myelopathy? Or what about cervical stenosis, or even just cervical myelopathy? What should we call this condition?

To date, 16 different names have been used to describe this condition: a slow-motion, progressive spinal cord injury, of the cervical spine, due to arthritic changes. Unclear index term creates tremendous challenges for finding information, interpreting research but also raising awareness.

AO Spine RECODE-DCM is conducting a consensus process to agree on a single unifying term. To our knowledge, this is the first time a community has been involved and given the chance to name their condition; that is, people living with the condition, treating, or researching it.

If you are part of the AO Spine RECODE-DCM community, you should have received an invitation to participate by email. If you are not part of the AO Spine RECODE-DCM community, and would like to have your say, please click here.

For more information and questions, please contact the AO Spine KF SCI Project Manager, Olesja Hazenbiller at

Find out more about the AO Spine RECODE-DCM study here and join the discussion. #myelopathymatters #recodedcm #aospine

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