Poland elects new members to AO Spine Country Council


14 July 2020

Council Poland

AO Spine Country Councils provide ample opportunities for local members to get involved in the organization. We are pleased to announce the election of three new Country Council members in Poland.

Tomasz Potaczek (chairperson), Stanisław Adamski (officer neurosurgery), and Przemysław Kołakowski (officer orthopedics) will now be involved in shaping the future of AO Spine in Poland. Potaczek shares the sentiments of many AO Spine members, who find AO Spine a community of friends from all over the world. “The exchanges are our most important benefit. Amongst our core values, we need to support the exchange of knowledge, scientific data, and personal experiences to continue our work."

Adamski sees increasing AO Spine visibility and popularity among the spine surgeon community as another main goal. "Not only in Poland but also in the Central and Eastern European region," he says. Projects linking AO Spine Poland with other national Councils—such as Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia—are among his targets.

Also, Kołakowski wants to focus on launching new educational projects with AO Spine in Poland and in the wider region, to join forces and develop regional Spine Courses.

The new council members' 3-year term of office started on July 1, 2020.

We wish them all the best and thank the current council members Tomasz Niedźwiecki (chairperson), Tomasz Potaczek (officer orthopedics), and Grzegorz Miękisiak (officer neurosurgery) for their contributions to AO Spine. We hope they will remain engaged in our community.

Find out more about AO Spine governance and organization here.

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