New council for AO Spine Russian Federation

Standardizing treatment approaches across the country

22 June 2020

Council Russia

AO Spine is delighted to announce the results of the Russian Federation Council election and welcomes the new council members.

The incoming Chairperson Sergey Ryabykh hopes to see the entire Russian spine community come together. "We count on the AO Spine family in the Russian Federation to be involved. Under the auspices of AO Spine, we can advance our professional communication and further our education scheme," Ryabykh encourages.

The new council will start their 3-year term of office on July 1, 2020. Ryabykh is joined by new members Igor Basankin (Officer Neurosurgery) and Denis Naumov (Officer Orthopedics), supported by past chairperson Alexander Gubin.

Denis Naumov is especially happy to see the wide geographic spread of the new council composition: "This will make it possible to better adapt the educational system of AO Spine in Russia and ultimately ensure standardization of approaches to the treatment of vertebral pathology in our country."

Igor Basankin believes AO Spine provides continuity and the next stage will be multicenter collaboration. Alexander Gubin wishes his colleagues patience in developing a professional community of spinal surgeons in Russia and counts on the new council's perseverance.

AO Spine also wishes the new council all the best and we thank the current council members Alexander Gubin (Chairperson), Sergey Ryabykh (Officer Orthopedics), and Dmitry Ptashnikov (Officer Neurosurgery).

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