New council for France

Increasing AO Spine visibility amongst young surgeons

22 June 2020

Council France

We are pleased to announce the election of new Country Council members in France. Philippe Bancel (chairperson), Henri-Arthur Leroy (officer neurosurgery), and Laura Marie-Hardy (officer orthopedics) will shape the strategy of AO Spine in France, supported by past chairperson Richard Assaker.

The new council members start their 3-year term of office on July 1, 2020. We wish them all the best.

Philippe Bancel says that to be a member of AO Spine is to belong to a community of friends from all over the world. "The exchanges are of the highest professional quality. As Chairperson, I will continue the work of our predecessors with the same sense of commitment and the same ambitions of sharing and progress. I thank you for your confidence and on the way to this wonderful adventure!"

Henri-Arthur aims to foster AO Spine visibility and popularity among the spine surgeons community, especially amongst young seniors and residents. Innovative digital tools for educational purposes are at the heart of his ambitions.

Laura Marie-Hardy is looking forward to launching new educational projects with AO Spine in France, and enhancing collaboration between teams in this amazing community.

We thank the current council members Richard Assaker (chairperson), Vincent Challier (officer orthopedics), and Nicolas Lonjon (officer neurosurgery) for their contributions to AO Spine and hope they will remain engaged in our community.

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