Latest AO Spine intraoperative imaging webinar recordings available open access

07 September 2020

Interoperative imaging

AO has delivered several seminars on intraoperative imaging in hospitals or combined with other educational events in several countries in both trauma and spine.

The seminar content has now been adapted for a worldwide audience and can be accessed online. The curriculum is case based, with a focus on the most common procedures, and the imaging content is applied to those situations.

The first intraoperative imaging webcast on "Intraoperative Imaging for Pedicle Screw Placement in the Upper Thoracic Spine" was delivered in November 2019 by Sven Vetter and Muhammed Assous and reached surgeons across regions. "We are delighted to now make more content available online to orthopedic and neurosurgeons worldwide," says Vetter, who developed the program with Michael Kraus.

The AO Spine Intraoperative Imaging Webinar Series addresses the principles, techniques, and concepts related to intraoperative imaging in the treatment of common spinal pathologies. The four sessions are aimed at residents at the threshold of taking over decision-making responsibility and surgeons in earlier years of training.

For additional intraoperative imaging resources, visit the AO Video hub (member access only):

  • An AO video on Radiation Hazards explains radiation related to the intraoperative use of the C-arm and describes how to minimize any risk to the patient, surgeon, and team: Watch video 

  • AO Spine Webcast: Intraoperative Imaging for Pedicle Screw Placement in the Upper Thoracic Spine: Watch video  

The AO Spine Intraoperative Imaging Webinar Series are free and open to all spine surgeons (registration is mandatory).

Sign up for upcoming webinars:

Webinar interoperative imaging Lumbopelvic

September 23 at 15:00 CEST

AO Spine Principles Webinar—Intraoperative Imaging: Lumbopelvic Spine

Presenter: Sven Vetter, Germany
Moderator: Laura Marie-Hardy, France

Watch recordings of past webinars:

Webinar interoperative imaging Thoracic

AO Spine Principles Webinar—Intraoperative Imaging: Thoracic Spine

Presenter: Laura Marie-Hardy, France
Moderator: Sven Vetter, Germany

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