The smallest possible surgical footprint

Global Spine Journal MISS special issue is published

10 June 2020

Global Spine Journal MISS

 The Editors of Global Spine Journal (GSJ) are pleased to announce the release of the newest special issue on Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MISS), “the 6 T's of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery”.

“MISS is a suite of technology dependent techniques and procedures that reduces local operative tissue damage and systemic surgical stress. It enables earlier return to function and strives for better outcomes than traditional techniques,” says Roger Härtl who spearheaded the special issue.

The issue addresses the 6 T's of MISS: Target, Tools, Technique, Training, Testing, and Talent. The articles in this supplement are arranged and organized based on these 6 T's:

  • Target: appropriate patient and procedure selection
  • Technology: specialized technology that enables or facilitates MISS
  • Technique: surgical skills and perioperative techniques and procedures
  • Training: adequate training and teaching of the surgeon and collaborating team and trainees
  • Testing: critical review and testing of surgical outcomes (research)
  • Talent: development of surgical talent

The goal of this GSJ special issue is to effectively help separate the worthwhile and meaningful advances from the glitter of potentially misguided technology. According to Härtl, MISS strives to leave the smallest possible ‘surgical footprint’ while attaining the same or better outcomes as those of traditional open surgery. 

We hope that you all enjoy reading the special issue on this important topic. You can access the entire issue You can access the entire issue here or download it to read offline at any time on your phone, tablet, or device.

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