New council for UK and Ireland

Blending wisdom of the past with opportunities for the future

11 May 2020

AO Spine Council United Kindom & Ireland

We are pleased to announce the election of new council members in the UK and Ireland. Marcel Ivanov (chairperson), Manoj Khatri (officer orthopedics), and Marcin Czyz (officer neurosurgery) will shape the strategy of AO Spine in the UK and Ireland, supported by past chairperson Sashin Ahuja.

The new council members start their 3-year term of office on June 1, 2020. We wish them all the best.

Marcel Ivanov hopes that in the next few years "we will inspire the spinal surgeons to dream more, do more, develop, and become better." He strongly believes that the spinal community will see AO Spine as one of the best ways to achieve this little extra.

Marcin Czyz says that blending wisdom of the past with opportunities of the future is a good way of shaping the present. His dream is to establish a robust AO Spine mentorship program supporting younger spine surgeons and make the best use of modern tools in maintaining the highest standards of research and education.

Manoj Khatri says: "I am excited about this opportunity to further engage with the AO community and to enhance innovating education, especially in these challenging times."

We thank the current council members Sashin Ahuja (chairperson), Niall Eames (officer orthopedics), and Marcel Ivanov (officer neurosurgery) for their contributions to AO Spine and hope they will remain engaged in our community.

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