The Germán Ochoa Traveling Fellowship 2020 winner announced—resolving surgical complications in spine surgery

The AO Spine Education Commission is pleased to announce this year's winner of the Germán Ochoa Traveling Fellowship.

06 April 2020

Giovanni Barbanti-Brodano from Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli in Bologna, Italy, says his passion for research led him to apply for the award.

During his two-week fellowship Giovanni intends to visit Raja Rampersaud at the University of Toronto in Canada and learn more about resolving surgical complications in spine surgery. Rampersaud, a globally recognised innovator in the minimally invasive field of spine surgery, has contributed amongst others to the Spine Adverse Events Severity System (SAVES) to capture and grade spinal surgery complications and is involved in AO Spine studies through the AO Spine Knowledge Forum Tumor.

Giovanni has been international faculty at many prestigious AO Spine events including the Live Tissue Training in Strasbourg, France, and the Davos courses in Switzerland, as well as local faculty for many events in his native Italy. He was an Education Officer on the Italian Country Council and went on to become Chairperson. Following this, he was the Research Officer for AO Spine Europe sitting on the AO Spine International Research Commission.

AO Spine wishes Dr Barbanti-Brodano success with this fellowship. We look forward to reporting back to the community about the results of his fellowship!

German Ochoa Fellowship

Germán Ochoa was a founding member of AO Spine Latin America and his involvement with AO Education for over 25 years speaks for his passion, immense experience in the academic field, and exceptional contribution to bringing AO and AO Spine to the forefront of surgeon education.

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