Rising to meet the challenge of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we work, how we live, and how we treat patients. Formal guidelines to guide future public health concerns needed

29 April 2020


The AO has responded to this challenge with a series of online events bringing together leading surgeons in their fields each week to address different aspects of how they are affected.

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Managing staff, trainees and residents (April 19, 2020)

As the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic moves into new phases around the world, we are getting encouraging indications that "flattening the curve" is working. It is time to start thinking of new strategies: how do we come out this state of emergency and start returning to a state of normality. In this episode of global AO webinars, we leveraged our international experts’ experience in dealing with this global health crisis and their thoughts and plans for their countries and hospitals.

This livestream focused on how to manage various stakeholders, staff, trainees, and residents through the next phase and on gaining a better understanding of what to expect in the coming months. This webinar featured special guest, AO Foundation President Robert, alongside speakers Andrej Trampuz (Germany), Jeremy Reynolds (United Kingdom), Michael Grant (United States), Olivier Borens (Switzerland) and was moderated by Norman Chutkan (United States).

Download the Questions and Answers during the webinar here.

How prepared are we? (March 19, 2020)

Initiated by AO CMF, these webinars, titled From the Frontline: a COVID-19 special report, sparked overwhelming interest from our surgeon community, and online participation has been increasing each week.

The first event, on March 19, brought together Stefano Fusetti (Italy), Mike Leung (Hong Kong), and Florian Thieringer (Switzerland) to discuss the challenges they face in this new world. Questions included: How prepared are we? How can we address and manage the influx of patients? What do we do if our capacities are overwhelmed?

Preparedness in Latin America (April 2,2020)

Each webinar looks at COVID-19 from a different perspective, meeting the diverse needs of the AO's global network. The third event, held April 2, looked at preparedness in Latin America, and featured special guest, AO Foundation President Robert McGuire, alongside speakers Marta Redondo (Spain), Pedro Caba-Doussoux (Spain), Hani Mhaidli (Spain), Rodrigo Pesantez (Colombia), Marcelo Figari (Argentina), Juan Emmerich (Argentina), Nicolas Homsi (Brazil). This session was moderated by Sabine Girod (United States), Ana Tobon (Colombia) and Rafael Cypriano (Brazil).

As an organization that exists to serve surgeons and health-care professionals across the world, the AO is keenly aware of the intensely difficult circumstances members of our community now face. If there is one message we can share with you now, it is that we have nothing but admiration for your work, and we are with you!

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