What your peers are reading—current spine literature updates for AO Spine members

The ever-increasing number of publications in spinal surgery makes it near impossible to even glance at all the current literature. To help surgeons find the most interesting reads, AO Spine is curating the “best” spine articles out of the Global Spine Journal, Spine, European Spine Journal, and Journal of Neurosurgery Spine.

12 February 2020

AO Spine membership privilege

The first recommended reading list is now available online for AO Spine Plus Members. A new selection will be added quarterly.

The idea came from Brandon D. Lawrence, AO Spine Community Development Commission member. Faced with the overwhelming number of papers to read, instead of simply giving up, he started looking for solutions. "Hopefully this will provide inspiration and make it easier for our colleagues," Lawrence says.

Each quarter, Lawrence, with the help of two spine surgeon colleagues will report back on a handful of articles that they select as worthy of note. "These may vary widely, from breakthrough findings in the basic science lab to clinical trials or even timely reviews of literature," Lawrence explains.

The first 2020 list was compiled by Matthew L. Goodwin, Jeremy D. Shaw, and Brandon D. Lawrence. The selected articles highlight two main themes: how to optimize spinal instrumentation and avoid failures, and the importance of indications and patient follow-up in spinal surgery, both short- and long-term.

But how do the surgeons make their selection; what will constitute a “worthy article"? "Good question!" Lawrence says. "Rather than thinking of these as the 'best' articles by any objective metric or standard, we will simply highlight articles we ourselves found particularly interesting."

We encourage you to read the five articles and decide for yourself.

To access the first 2020 selection of curated articles, go to (Plus Members access only):


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