Launch of AO Surgery Reference for Metastatic Spine Tumor

Access recommended surgical techniques at a moment's notice anytime, anywhere, on hand-held devices

22 October 2019

AO Surgery Reference Metastatic Spine Tumor

The AO Spine Knowledge Forum Tumor treatment recommendations and classifications for metastatic spine tumor have been adopted and implemented into the AO Surgery Reference. This module will highlight the key considerations and surgical indications, when it comes to the evaluation of the metastatic spine tumor patient.

A tool to help you make the right treatment decision

“We’ve come a long way in finding out which patients benefit from surgery, defining clear treatment indications, surgical strategy recommendations, and studying treatment outcomes,” author Ilya Laufer explains.

The AO Spine AO Surgery Reference for Metastatic Spine Tumor organizes concepts in a way that helps spine surgeons think systemically about their treatment indications and options, makes it easier to come up with a surgical plan, and to know exactly what techniques to use for each individual case.


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