Discover the skills you need to integrate basic full-endoscopic techniques into your practice

Introduction level course on Endoscopy
AO Davos Courses, December 8-11, 2019

15 October 2019

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This three-day AO Spine course is designed for spine surgeons who are new to or have gained first experience in the field of full-endoscopic spine surgery—a rapidly emerging evolution of minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS). Covering basic transforaminal and lumbar approaches to the lumbar spine, the course will highlight the foundations of full-endoscopic surgical technique.

With the guidance of leading international endoscopic spine surgeons, you will learn the underlying principles and step-by-step surgical protocols you need to start your journey in this exciting new field. The course features a combination of lectures with the focus on practical hands-on sessions with cutting-edge simulators, to give you a thorough understanding of the equipment that you will require, the OR setup, basic surgical tasks, and workhorse basic approaches. You will also have the opportunity to discuss indications and cases amenable to treatment with full-endoscopic spine surgery.

  • Handle an endoscope and necessary tools
  • Perform basic endoscopic tasks
  • Identify spinal pathologies that are suitable for your first cases
  • Describe how to perform the procedural steps of basic endoscopic procedures
  • Discuss intraoperative safety, risk avoidance strategies, and complications management
  • Explain how to select the optimal endoscopic approach corridor for treatment of specific pathologies
  • Describe the current clinical evidence for full-endoscopic spine procedures

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Christoph Hofstetter
Course Chair

JinSung Kim
Educational Advisor

Bryan Ashman
Program Director

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