New council in Italy

AO Spine Italy is pleased to announce the election of a new council.

04 July 2019

Council AOSpine Italy
The new AO Spine Italy council, left to right: Enrico Pola, Alessandro Ducati, Riccardo Cecchinato, Matteo Pejrona 

The term of the new council members has started on June 1, 2019 and their term of office will last for 3 years.

The entire election process was carried out according to AO Spine standards and was conducted in a transparent and democratic manner. All AO Spine members in Italy had the right to participate in the elections.

The new AOSIT council consists of:

Enrico Pola: Chairperson
Alessandro Ducati: Past Chairperson
Riccardo Cecchinato: Officer Orthopedics
Matteo Pejrona: Officer Neurosurgery

We thank the previous council members Alessandro Ducati, Alessandro Landi, Stefano Romoli, Luigi Aurelio Nasto and Enrico Pola for their commitment.

Congratulations to the new council members!

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