AO Spine Member Representative

Presentation of shortlisted candidates

23 April 2019

2019 Member Representative shortlisted candidates

The Nomination Committee has approved the following candidates to enter the democratic election process

Your vote counts!

The Member Representative will be democratically elected by all voting members of AO Spine who attend the Global Spine Congress 2019 in Toronto. All (present) AO Spine Voting Members* will have one vote, to be cast anonymously via the electronic AO voting system. You will receive an email invitation to vote at the beginning of the congress. If you need support to cast your vote, please come to the AO Spine members lounge.

The winning candidate will need to get the majority of the votes. In case none of the members wins in the first voting round, a second round with the top two candidates will be run.

Meet the candidates

Please find below the list of the shortlisted Member Representative Candidates. 

Jin-Sung Kim

I have dedicated to minimally invasive spine surgery including endoscopic spinal surgery, minimally invasive interbody fusion, navigation guided spinal surgery and related researches. Recently, the evidence of minimally invasive spine surgery is now overwhelming, even though most of them is not high-level evidence, that operations which previously required open spinal surgery could now be performed safely by minimally invasive spinal surgery, without compromising the efficacy of the surgery. In my opinion, now, it is the best time for AO Spine to be open not only to minimally invasive lumbar fusion, tubular based laminotomy but to endoscopic spinal surgeries which have been done especially in Asian countries. Because I am the best surgeon who has the highest level of evidence in the field of minimally invasive spine surgery, it will be the best choice for you to vote me.

Eric M. Massicotte 

I applied for the Member Representative Position because it offers the ability to contribute on a greater stage. My dedication to AO Spine and continued participation in this organization have demonstrated a level of loyalty and motivation to serve. I bring a particular set of skills which could prove useful for AO Spine international.

Yu-Mi Ryang

By becoming Member Representative I would like to give back my knowledge and experience I was able to obtain as a member of the AO Spine community and to address the needs and wishes of the spine community. I would like to give my share to advance this outstanding community of spine surgeons. In the past I have been very active as a speaker and teacher in national and international many spine courses and congresses and would like to share and advance my knowledge as a leader by taking the next level as Member Representative. 

Alexander R. Vaccaro

I have had the privilege of serving on the AO North America board of directors and as a past chair of the AO Spine Trauma Knowledge Forum. Presently I have the privilege of serving as an AO trustee where I am intimately involved in participating in the future direction of the mission of the AO which is to be the premiere educational and research steward for surgeons around the world. By being intimately involved with the AO for over thirty years, I have seen and been involved with many of the achievements of this great organization and would like to take my role a step further as an official Member Representative.

The Member Representative will serve for two years: One year with member elect status (guest without voting rights), and one year as a full member of the AO Spine International Board with voting rights. All candidates have already demonstrated their commitment to AO Spine and have been continuous members of the organization for a minimum of 4 years. They are passionate about developing AO Spine and willing to devote a significant amount of time and travel to this function without fiscal reimbursement. To view the Member Representative responsibilities and required experience, click here

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*How to become an AO Spine Voting Member:

  • You automatically qualify as an AO Spine Voting Member if you have been a paying member for a minimum of three years.
  • You can become an AO Spine Voting Member if you sign up as a member until April 30, 2019 for 3 or 5 years.
  • Additionally, you need to be registered for the Global Spine Congress 2019 in Toronto, and have picked up your badge.

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