Successful Masters Level Specimen Course held in South Africa

In January 2019, AO Spine offered a unique course concept focusing on the treatment of cervical deformity which was held at the Sunskil Lab in Cape Town.

18 February 2019

Course Cape Town 2019

In the course titled “AOSpine Masters Level Specimen Course—Cervical Deformity and Complication”, Chairman Adriaan Vlok took an exclusive approach to teaching orthopedic and neurosurgery spine surgeons the treatment of advanced cervical clinical challenges and complex surgical approaches.

The course dealt with the challenges that spine surgeons face with deformities, tumors and anatomical anomalies which often require advanced and complex approaches that can be associated with significant morbidity if done poorly. 

Dan Riew as international faculty member is known world-wide for his skill and experience regarding the cervical spine. He led the practical training in the anatomical lab and exchanged his extensive knowledge in treating complex pathologies, deformities and surgical challenges with the attendees during the case discussion.

The interactive contribution of the faculty and participants at a very high masters level combined with the practical training in the anatomical lab resulted in a great success. Beside the high-quality level of this learning experience, all attendees enjoyed the friendly and open atmosphere and the possibility to debate and exchange their personal experiences on a masters level.

We thank all the contributors for their invaluable engagement and are proud to have enabled this course, which will allow the attendees to improve the treatment of complex cervical pathologies in their daily practice and help patients life. 

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