AO Spine Advanced Course in Utrecht, Netherlands

Spinal metastasis: tailored treatment, November 8–9, 2018

07 January 2019

Advanced Course Spinal metastasis,Utrecht

The number of patients with symptomatic spinal metastases requiring interventions to remain ambulatory and with a good quality of life is constantly increasing. The planning of any treatment for these patients is relatively complex as neurological, oncological, mechanical, and systemical factors should be considered simultaneously before any intervention is started. In this new AO Spine course we gathered specialists from all relevant disciplines to interact and subsequently discuss the specific needs for individual cases.

During the course, the participants from various disciplines learned from experts how to use and combine several algorithms, scoring systems and general principles of treatment to benefit their patients. Says Lorin Benneker, chairperson-elect of AO Spine Europe and Southern Africa Board: This interdisciplinary educational event was very stimulating and both radiotherapists and spine surgeons, did profit from each other’s experience. In my opinion a course format that we should pursue in future, also with other specialists such as pain physicians, physical therapists and many others that are involved in the treatment of spine pathologies. ”


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