Join Eyal Itsahyek and Claudius Thomé in Haifa, to discuss the latest developments in Trauma and Degenerative Spine

AO Spine Principles Course—Trauma and Degenerative Spine is taking place on 30-31 January, 2019 in Haifa, Israel.

16 October 2018

AOSpine Europe and Southern Africa Principles Course


The development of spinal surgery as a distinct branch of orthopedics and neurosurgery has led to improvements in the understanding and management of spinal conditions, although centralization of provision of these treatments has led to reduced training opportunities for junior doctors. Many who are facing Specialist examination have had little exposure to spinal surgery, resulting in a training need.
This course seeks to help inexperienced orthopedic and neurosurgical trainees, and those seeking a career in these fields the opportunity to gain an understanding in the assessment and management of common cervical and lumbar spinal conditions. Conditions resulting degenerative or traumatic processes. It will give delegates the ability to formulate treatment strategies and understand the rationale behind these. It also offers exposure to basic spinal instrumentation and its indications as well as the risks and complications of these.
The course is based around a series of lectures, case presentations and group discussions. The course will be supported by practical sessions in which delegates have the opportunity to practice a range of spinal instrumentation procedures on the cervical and lumbar spine.
Each session will be led by an expert in the field, and will offer the opportunity for discussion and hands on experience with the commonly used spinal instrumentations


  • Describe the common spinal pathological conditions in trauma and degeneration
  • Describe the presentation and diagnosis of these conditions
  • Explain the decision making process for management of these patients
  • Describe the operative techniques and instrumentation and participate in the surgical treatment of patients

The course will comprise of evidence-based lectures, practical exercises, panel discussions, and debates and will provide ample time for exchange between faculty and participants

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