Join the AO Spine Principles Level Specimen Course—Posterior Thoracolumbar stabilization in Tampere, Finland, 14-15 February 2019!

After two successful courses we are running once more the popular specimen course in Tampere. This course addresses the posterior thoracolumbar decompression and stabilization techniques which are common in all areas of spinal pathologies including degenerative disorders, spinal trauma, tumors etc.

25 October 2018

Principle Level Tissue Course ASESA

The course offers you a challenging learning experience with short lectures and case presentations facilitated by experienced faculty and above all a chance to improve your surgical skills in hands-on sessions with fresh cadavers. The course is held in the modern Surgical Education Centre of Tampere University Hospital.

Spinal surgery is one of the most challenging subspecialties of orthopedic surgery and neurosurgery. Residents and young specialists getting involved in spinal surgery are thus confronted with highly demanding and less forgiving surgical techniques, requiring several years of training to master.
To improve the surgical skills of future spinal surgeons, practical training is essential besides theoretical knowledge. The availability of practical training sessions will help in learning surgical anatomy and techniques, and therefore to avoid complications in patient care.
On behalf of AO Spine we would like to welcome you to the AO Spine specimen course. The course at Principles level is focusing on decompression techniques, posterior thoracolumbar stabilization and interbody fusion. The participants will have an excellent opportunity to train the surgical techniques using fresh human cadaver models in a modern surgical training center. The experienced international faculty guarantees a great learning experience.
We warmly invite you to enjoy the Nordic atmosphere with a modern training center, and above all, a great educational experience!

Marko Neva

Marko Neva


Thomas Blattert

Thomas Blattert

Educational Advisor

Learning objectives

After the event, participants will be able to:

  • Perform decompression of the thoracolumbar spine using the appropriate technique for the specific situation
  • Apply transpedicular fixation in the thoracolumbar spine
  • Correctly use intercorporeal spacers for lumbar spine fusion
  • Insert iliac screws
  • Prevent the most common technical complications of thoracolumbar fusions


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