AO Spine Knowledge Forums

To celebrate 60 years of AO Foundation, AO Spine published a special issue on the AO Spine Knowledge Forums (KF).

18 June 2018

AO Spine Knowledge Forums Chairpersons Cumhur Öner, Charles Fisher, Marinus de Kleuver, Michael Fehlings, and S. Tim Yoon in a rare group portrait at the GSC2018 in Singapore

Since their launch in 2011, the AO Spine clinical study groups have evolved from a group of hand-picked key opinion leaders into international study platforms.

“I had this idea that knowledge is power. In the future, organi­zations that create knowledge will have the power," explains Luiz Vialle, the visionary leader behind the initiative. More than one hundred clinicians have since been invited into the KFs either as Steering Committee or Associate Members, global thought leaders continuing to lead the way. From 37 clinical studies, the KFs have published 125 peer-reviewed articles, presented 240 abstracts in international conferences, received over a dozen awards, and they keep sharing their new-found knowledge at symposia and pre-courses all over the world. High on the priority list are classifications, outcome measures, and guidelines for treatment of various spinal disorders.

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The full story, how the five KFs advance patient care, and where we go from here can be downloaded in PDF.

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