Faculty Pathway and Selection Process

As an existing faculty member of AO Spine do you know how your colleagues can start their faculty career within the community?

15 February 2018

AOSpine Faculty pathway selection

Since its creation in 2003, AO Spine has had more than 3500 spine care specialists teaching at their events. Until recently there was no official pathway to becoming an AO Spine faculty member nor a clear selection process for those that wished to attend one of the popular Faculty Education or Chairperson Education Programs.

In 2017, the Faculty Management Task Force created just such a framework, and together with the regional boards are further defining the selection process for each region. Now it is possible for any member of the AO Spine community to reach out to the organization and be considered for faculty training and progression within the community.

Working together with the AO Education Institute and the Faculty Alignment Group, which consists of surgeon representatives from all clinical divisions, the task force is now focusing on producing more online tools to be accessible to members to help improve their teaching skills. We will keep you updated with their progress in the next FacultyFocus newsletter.


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