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AO Spine Latin America announces some changes in the Continuing Education Program.

06 December 2018

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AO Spine Latin America is pleased to announce some changes in the Continuing Education Program to constantly update our educational offerings and follow high scientific standards. Starting in 2019, the new entrants of the Continuing Education Program will have two progressive learning levels in two years to complete the course.

A new university will be partner in the offer of this course: University of Caxias do Sul (UCS) which will certify the course as University Extension & Post-Graduate Course. In addition to these changes, we introduced new topics and subtopics about different pathologies and we had an increase in the number of Synchronous Meetings: there are now eight encounters in each level.

According to Nestor Taboada, AO Spine Latin America Education Officer, “the changes made in the continuing education program project are aimed at improving the quality of the course in its methodology and content. We have a successful program and it is our responsibility to make these changes that provide solutions to the new challenges we have as an organization and meet the expectations of the participants, the AO Spine members”.

The course remains blended learning (with face-to-face and online requirements). The asynchronous activities include reviewing scientific topics and performing quizzes; uploading clinical cases and checking interactive cases. The participant has a constant tutoring.

Learning objectives and itinerary

The program is a member privilege and was designed to focus on aspects of anatomy, physiology, approaches, surgical techniques, diagnostics and treatments of the different pathologies.

The itinerary includes

  • 1st Level: the participant has 11 months to complete 51 online activities (study reading materials & quizzes); eight synchronic meetings, responding interactive cases, four uploaded cases for discussion (per participant).
  • 2nd Level: the participant has 10 months to complete 39 online activities (study reading materials & quizzes); eight synchronic meetings, responding interactive cases, four uploaded cases for discussion (per participant).
  • In addition, the participant must also attend during those 21 months two AO Spine face-to-face events and six AO Spine webinars, as well as participate in a Fellowship Program.

University of Caxias do Sul (UCS):

UCS is an institution of college education with direct action in the northeastern region of the State of Rio Grande do Sul (BR). They pioneered the implementation of undergraduate courses in the field of health in the region and have an acknowledged tradition in the fields of Medicine, Nursery, Physical Education, Pharmacy and Physical Therapy. The university maintains units in eight cities, directly reaching a population of over one million inhabitants.

Continuing Education Program


Chairperson: Nestor Fiore (AR) 

Current Faculty Group Level 1
Jerônimo Milano (BR) » Trauma
Pablo Vela (CO) » Degeneration
Eduardo Von Uhlendorff (BR) » Degeneration
Néstor Fiore (AR) » Tumor
Asdrubal Falavigna (BR) » Infection 

Current Faculty Group Level 2
Pedro Bazán (AR) » Trauma
Néstor Fiore (AR) » Degeneration
Marcelo Valacco (AR) » Degeneration
William Teixeira (BR) » Tumor
Eduardo Bersusky (AR) » Deformity
Roberto Postigo (CH) » Metabolic, Inflammatory, Genetic

For 2019, there will be new Faculty Tutors. 


  • Be an AO Spine Member;
  • Be a physician or resident in Neurosurgery, Orthopedics or Column.

Places: 45 for the first level 

Registration: will be open on November 22, 2018 

More information:

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