FEP in Santo Domingo

The last Faculty Education Program for Latin America took place in Santo Domingo (DO) in September.

06 December 2018

FEP Santo Domingo

The Faculty Education Program (FEP) is an AO Foundation project to strengthen faculty education. It was developed with the most modern and useful tools so our Faculty can develop their activities successfully in our events. The program equips new faculty members who have an upcoming faculty assignment with the skills required to give a lecture, facilitate a small group discussion, or run a practical exercise at an AO educational event.

Asdrubal Falavigna (BR), AO Spine Latin America Chair, highlighted the importance of having a group of trained Faculty. “Learning should be delivered by qualified and committed teachers. Great teachers facilitate the learning using concepts and active teaching methodologies that enable a better understanding of principles, surgical techniques and how to deal with complications.”

The program duration is five weeks online, one day and a half of face-to-face event, then three weeks online. It introduces the participants to the "Seven AO Principles of Education" and how they can be applied to the different teaching methods:

1. Based on needs
2. Motivates to learn
3. Relevant
4. Interactive
5. Provides feedback
6. Promotes reflection
7. Leads to verifiable outcomes

This edition had 13 participants from nine countries. All of them from the Latin America northern cluster (Ecuador, Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Central America). Some participants were able to practice the taught concepts presenting some cases and lectures during the Central American & Caribbean Advanced Seminar—Degenerative and Tumor Pathologies. 

Jose Corredor (CO), one of the program participants, said that the combination of online and face-to-face activities complemented and reinforced the concepts to teach in an effective way. “I highlight the quality of the Faculty and the way that the course was carried out. You can see the dedication and commitment to run the course. I have been able to apply the knowledge acquired in with a group of residents at the Universidad del Bosque, in Bogota (CO). 

According to AO Spine International Faculty Development & Management Leader and Regional Chair Elected Juan Emmerich (AR), “this activity is based on the participant interaction; therefore, the group learns from the shared experience of the attendees. It is a unique opportunity to strengthen the bond that unites us as members of a global academic society with other members around Latin America and the world”.

Program overview


AO Foundation Faculty Education Program

Online pre-course: July 31 to September 3
Face-to-face: September 5 and 6 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Online post course: September 12 to 19

Co-Chairpersons: Asdrubal Falavigna (BR), Juan Emmerich (AR)
Educator: Fabiana Reboiras (AR)

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