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New Country Council in Russian Federation

Today AOSpine Europe is pleased to announce the new AOSpine Russian Federation (AOSRF) country council as followed:   Alexander Gubin— Chairperson Sergey Ryabykh— Education Officer-Ortho Dmitry Ptashnikov— Education Officer-Neuro Alexandre Mushkin— Past Chairperson (until 31/12/2017)   Further, we would like to take the opportunity to thank the former AOSRF Council members for their continuous support and engagement for AOSpine in Russian Federation during the past years...Today AOSpine Europe is

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Spine Centers

19 630091 Novosibirsk Russian Federation Email: imtz@inbox.ru Website: www.niito.ru Russian Ilizarov Scientific Center "Restorative traumatology and orthopedics" Spine Director: Alexander Gubin Spine Team: Sergey Ryabykh, Alexander Burtsev, Dmitry Savin Most frequent pathologies: Trauma, Degeneration, Deformity, Metabolic, Inflammatory, Genetic Address: 6, M. Ulianova street 640014, Kurgan Russia Email: Inter-head@mcvto.ru Website: http://www.ilizarov.ru South Africa Spine Unit, Department of

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Ilizarov Scientific Center

Alexander Gubin Head of Russian Ilizarov Scientific Center Contact Person Valentina Kamysheva Inter-head@mcvto.ru Spine Team Sergey Ryabykh Alexander Burtsev Dmitry Savin Number of Surgeries A Degenerative Diseases B Tumor Metastasis C Inflammatory Diseases D Injuries (Trauma) E Deformity Cervical 60 3 3 20 30 Thorcaic 30 5 4 20 150 Lumbar 560 5 5 20 100 Sacral 10 - - 10 20 Total surgical cases 1700 Type of Fellowship Average accommodation cost per week Is accommodation available in staff