SCI-POEM—European Multi-Center Study

SCI-POEM, sponsored by AOSpine Europe, was initiated by the Principal Coordinating Investigators in collaboration with AO Clinical Investigation and Documentation (AOCID).

After a clinical investigation plan developed in January 2012, the study now comprises 16 clinics and 3 rehab centers in 12 countries. To reach the final target of 303 patients the recruitment period had to be prolonged to end 2018. The final report is planned to be delivered in 2020.

The primary objective of this study is to evaluate if early decompressive spinal surgery occurring within 12 hours post-injury is superior in improving neurological motor outcomes, compared to late decompressive occurring more than 12 hours and within 14 days after the traumatic spinal cord injury.

Example pictures of potential case studies:

CT: Pre-operative

CT: Pre-operative​

Principal Coordinating Investigators

CO-PCI​ ​Principal Coordinating Investigator (PCI) ​Co-PCI
Dr. Giuseppe Barbagallo, MD, view profile Allard J.F. Hosman, MD, PhD, view profile Dr. Joost J. van Middendorp, MD, PhD, view profile
Prof. Giuseppe Barbagallo, MD

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 Dr. Allard J.F. Hosman, MD, PhD
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Dr. Joost J. van Middendorp,
MD, PhD, MClinEpid 
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Study Centers: 


Contact information


AO Clinical Investigation and Documentation (AOCID) AOSpine Europe

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Clinical Investigation and Documentation (AOCID)
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Karin Wandschura
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