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If you are interested, please submit the following documents to until October 12, 2015:


1. Contact form
2. Motivation letter
3. Letter of support from
    the head of your    
4. CV and publication
    record of all your team

Call for applications: AOSpine Mentorship - Research Program 2015

AOS Mentorship - Research 

After the big success of the first AOSpine Research mentoring program 2014, we are very pleased to announce a new round for 2015 with slight modifications. This improved and ambitious program is aimed to teach a whole team of surgeons in a local hospital how to perform clinical research. The team will receive theoretical lessons and practical support to perform their own clinical study.


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If you have a team interested in performing clinical research who already have first research experience in the area, we would like to offer you our mentorship program:

AOSpine Mentorship 2015 - Research


To teach young surgeons the principles of clinical research and coach them through the development of their own clinical study. Successful completion of the program will provide mentees the capacity to perform clinical research independently. Highly motivated mentees have the possibility to become potential candidates for AOSpine local faculty or for governance bodies within AOSpine

How long will it last?

This is a 2-year program starting in 2016

What will you accomplish?

  • Solid hands-on training in clinical research
  • Completion of your clinical study with guidance from the mentor, AOCID and a Knowledge Forum expert related to your chosen research question.
  • A manuscript suitable for publication in a peer reviewed journal

What we offer?

  • An on-going relationship of learning dialogue and mentorship with the corresponding AO research officer of your region as well as with our Knowledge Forum Trauma experts.
  • Face to face and on-line training in clinical research organized by our AO Clinical Investigation and Documentation unit (AOCID).
  • Personalized support through all the phases of development of a clinical study which you and your team conduct during this 2-year program
  • A lump sum of 20,000 CHF to support the development and execution of your study (this funding cannot be used to cover salary costs of PIs)

Who can apply?

Applicants must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Evidence of commitment of the Head of the Unit/Department to support this program (allocating the necessary time and resources for its successful completion)
  • A team consisting of 1 group leader and 3-10 collaborators (surgeons and scientists) in any part of the world
  • Proof of previous research experience. Note that we are not looking for highly experienced researchers, but articles in peer reviewed journals are a plus
  • Availability to attend the face to face lectures (2-3 day blocks) and comply with the on-line training throughout the 2-year program. Face-to-face trainings have a certain flexibility to accommodate your schedules
  • Have an idea for a clinical study in a spine-related topic that can be performed at your own hospital

Methodological aspects of the study:

  • Research question must be novel, scientifically sound and address a gap of knowledge or an unmet medical need
  • Should be a clinical or radiological study
  • Single or two-point contact with patients
  • Any procedure included in the study protocol should be according to standard of care in your clinic
  • Relatively short follow-up (12 months maximum)
  • Beginning of study planning to the last follow-up visit should be completed within 18 months
  • Non randomized analytical studies preferred (comparison of 2 or more groups)
  • Prospective studies preferred

Are specific topics covered?

  • Here are some suggestions for research questions which could be investigated within the mentorship program:
    • Outcome research using the AOSpine Trauma classification for cervical and thoracolumbar fractures
    • Assessment of PLC injury without MRI
    • Collection and evaluation of data for post-operative infections in different centers

However, the candidate units can also propose other research questions which they would like to answer in this program. Please consider that a research question has to comply with the above outlined methodological guidelines and should cover the general area of spine trauma research.

What is the selection process?

This multistep selection process will take approximately 3 months from initial application to announcement of the selected research teams. The program will begin in early 2016.

​Steps ​Deadline

​1. Send your contact form, motivation letter, letter of support from the head of your unit/department, CV and publication record of all your research team members

​October 12

​2. You will receive a link to the on-line application form where you can explain your idea, hypothesis and resources available at your institution (clinical or material) to conduct your planned clinical study within this program

​Mid October

3. ​​Proposed study ideas, feasibility and relevance of the topic will be evaluated in a first selection round

​Early November

​4. A telephone meeting will be arranged with preselected candidates to verify the study idea and its feasibility

​Mid November

5. ​​Final selection of mentees will be made by the research commission. Only one team per geographical region will be selected for this program

​Early December

6. ​​Selected teams will be announced during the Davos courses in December 2015.

​Mid December

If you are interested, please submit the following documents to until October 12, 2015:

1.       Contact form
2.       Motivation letter
3.       Letter of support from the head of your unit/department
4.       CV and publication record of all your team members 

Looking forward to your application!

Shanmuganathan Rajasekaran,

AOSpine Research Commission Chair