Research booklet

Research booklet

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AOSpine Knowledge Forums


The AOSpine Knowledge Forums (KF) are expert driven working groups acting on behalf of AOSpine in their domain of scientific expertise. They perform important evidence-based studies in five spine pathologies: tumor, deformity, spinal cord injury (SCI), trauma, and degenerative disease. Results are being published and disseminated in the most influential Journals and Conferences all over the world.

Each KF has a Steering Committee with up to ten worldwide pathology specific specialists led by a chairperson. Steering Committee members have been selected based on their research expertise, clinical involvement, and caseload. They meet to discuss research, assess the best evidence for current practices, and formulate clinical trials to advance their field of spine expertise. During the course of KF research projects, additional investigators can be invited to join and become KF associates.

Each AOSpine Knowledge Forum is to develop an AOSpine Classification, AOSpine staging of the disease, AOSpine treatment guidelines, and AOSpine outcome measures. As an AOSpine member, you have exclusive access to the latest advances and outcomes produced by the Knowledge Forums, which will assist you in clinical decision-making.

The 5 AOSpine Knowledge Forums:




​Knowledge Forum Managers ​

Niccole Germscheid
Global Research Manager, 
KF Tumor

Olesja Hazenbiller
Knowledge Forum Manager,
KF SCI and Trauma

​Yabin Wu
Knowledge Forum Manager,
KF Deformity and Biologics