"We're not just disseminating knowledge, we're creating it."


Marinus de Kleuver MD

Chairperson Knowledge Forum "Deformity"

AOSpine Research Achievements


AOSpine Research is pleased to present the measurable output of its projects. Most projects are work in progress, and the number of publications and presentations will increase gradually.

These figures will be updated on a regular basis:

Knowledge Forum Tumor

  • Original publications: 36
  • Manuscripts submitted: 3
    Oral presentations: 69
    Poster presentations: 18

​Spine Research Network

Original publications: 96
Oral presentations: 51
Poster presentations: 98

​Knowledge Forum Deformity

  • Original publications: 3
    Manuscripts submitted: 3
  • Oral presentations: 55
  • Poster presentations: 10

​Fracture Fixation in Osteoporotic Bone (FFOB)

Original publications: 5
Oral presentations: 2
Poster presentations: 2

​Knowledge Forum SCI

Original publications: 4
Oral presentations: 11
Poster presentations: 7

​Hansjörg Wyss Research awards 

Original publications: 18
Oral presentations: 58
Poster presentations: 49

​Knowledge Forum Trauma 

Original publications: 21
Manuscripts submitted: 4
Oral presentations: 25
Poster presentations: 3

​Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy - International study 

Original publications: 1
Oral presentations: 28
Poster presentations: 11

​Knowledge Forum Degen / Biologics

Original publications: 7
Manuscripts submitted: 11
Oral presentations: 2