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Learning Pathways Task Force

The Learning Pathways Task Force aims at improving patient care by bringing together learners, teachers and experts and providing lifelong learning pathways that are innovative and inspirational. The key objectives of the Task Force are to ensure AOSpine's education is

  1. Based on needs assessment and linked to a curriculum;
  2. Modular training programs with certification levels;
  3. Incorporating fellowships and mentorships.

The Task Force is reaching these objectives by

  1. Having created a unique Mentorship Scheme
  2. Having formed Fellows Alumni community and Fellows Alumni Steering Committee with a growing number of activities
  3. Engaging AOSpine Ambassadors and Fellows Alumni as educators and mentors
  4. Developing metrics for establishing and maintaining AOSpine Center status
  5. Defining a learning pathway from beginner to expert; Creating, coordinating and assigning resources supporting an ideal pathway
  6. Partnering with residency programs for short-term fellowships/observerships as final modules for coaching and competency assessment

Our Task Force will create lifelong learning pathways that are innovative, inspirational and relevant to surgeons’ needs throughout their careers.  We will co-ordinate transformational change in how AOSpine delivers education, where that learning takes place and who delivers the teaching. By these actions we will create more opportunities for mentorship and peer-to-peer learning, as well as enhance our global fellowships and spine centers programmes."

Michael Grevitt
Learning Pathways Task Force Leader and AOSpine Education Commission Member

Task Force Members

Michael Grevitt
Task Force Leader and AOSpine Education Commission Member
Queen's Medical Centre
Nottingham, United Kingdom

Mohammed Assous
AOSpine Spine Center and Fellowship Officer Middle East
Razi Spine Clinic
Amman, Jordan

Emiliano Vialle
AOSpine Spine Center and Fellowship Officer Latin America
Catholic University of Parana
Curitiba, Brazil

Yu Liang
Spine Center and Fellowship Officer Asia Pacific
Rui Jin Hospital, School of Medicine, Jiaotong University, Shanghai
Shanghai, China

Teresa Bas
AOSpine Spine Center and Fellowship Officer Europe
Hospital Universitatio La Fe
Valencia, Spain

Daniel Gelb
University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America


Task Force Manager

Kate Quagliozzi