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Faculty Management Task Force

The Faculty Management Task Force aims at ensuring that AOSpine has the best teachers in spine education by providing opportunities for AOSpine members to become better teachers.  The key objectives of the Task Force are to provide opportunities for

  1. Personal development of teaching skills (faculty portfolio);
  2. Progression as AOSpine faculty;
  3. Feedback, self-reflection and improvement;
  4. Recognition of achievements in teaching.

The Task Force is reaching these objectives by

  1. Having created global criteria for selection process,
  2. Having created a pathway for all levels of faculty training;
  3. Creating a clear faculty definition and implementing it worldwide;
  4. Reviewing the role of Educational Advisors and defining the training needs (who and how);
  5. Defining criteria for selection, progression and retirement;
  6. Defining the framework for allocation of resources (faculty, EAs, etc.) in annual event planning;
  7. Developing a user-friendly faculty management database (training, participation, evaluation scores, expertise);
  8. Developing and implementing a faculty recertification process.

The Faculty Management Task Force is an amazing group of surgeons from all the world, working to improve the quality of the education of our faculties and to give AOSpine members the opportunity to pursue a career as faculty. We strive to be transparent, equalitarian, accountable and meritocratic. The great opportunity for the next years will be to develop new tools for AOSpine faculty to enable them to be up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in surgeon education."

Juan Emmerich 
Faculty Management Task Force Leader

Task Force Members

Juan Emmerich
Task Force Leader
National University of La Plata
La Plata, Argentina

Satish Rudrappa
AOSpine Education Commission Member
Sakra World Hospital
Bangalore, India​

Emre Acaroglu
Ankara Spine Center
Ankara, Turkey

Mohammad El-Sharkawi
Assiut University Medical School
Assiut, Egypt

John France
West Virginia University
Morgantown, United States

John L. T. Chen
Singapore General Hospital

Task Force Manager

Kate Quagliozzi