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AOSpine Education Task Forces


The AOSpine Education Task Forces are based on the AOSpine Education Commission's (AOSEC) strategic priorities with the purpose of

  1. Being the engines of the AOSEC, helping to drive and accelerate strategically important projects and goals;
  2. Offering diverse opportunities for all AOSEC Members to be fully engaged and to contribute;
  3. Involving committed Members, thought leaders and talent in our activities also from outside the AOSEC. 

The AOSpine Education Task Forces are the true engines of the Education Commission. They deliver what is needed to ensure AOSpine continues to be at the forefront of spine surgeon education."

Bryan Ashman 
Chairperson AOSpine Education Commission


The 5 AOSpine Education Task Forces

Faculty Management
Task Force

Fellowship and Spine Centers Task Force

Educational Strategies
Task Force

Minimally Invasive
Spine Surgery (MISS)
Task Force

​Quality Management Task Force​

Task force member criteria and selection process

The Task Forces are surgeon led working groups. Most of the work is done virtually. The following criteria applies to all Task Force positions

  1. Active commitment to and engagement with AOSpine as a paying Member for at least a year;
  2. Established regional/international AOSpine surgeon network to help obtain buy-in;
  3. Demonstrated experience and expertise in the specific focus area of the Task Force;
  4. Recommendation letter from a longstanding and respected AOSpine member.

The Task Force Members are selected based on merit. All interested AOSpine Members can contact the AOSpine office to share how they think they can add value to the Task Force activities. It is also possible to recommend individual surgeons for a Task Force position. The final decision who to select is made by the Task Force Leader and the AOSEC Chair.