​Sanggye Paik Hospital, Inje University—Seoul, Korea South

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Department of Orthopedics
Sanggye Paik Hospital, Inje University
1342 Dongil-Ro, Nowon-Gu,
139707, Seoul
Korea South


Website: www.paik.ac.kr/sanggye


Program director

​Jin-Hyok Kim M.D. Ph.D.


Spine team

Dong-Ju Lim, Dong-Gune Chang

Most frequent pathologies

Trauma, Deformity, Degeneration


600 cases per year 
400 instrumented cases per year

Total estimated number of procedures:

  • Cervical deformity
  • Cervical trauma 
  • Cervical tumor 
  • Rheumatoid cervical spine
  • Chronic pain
  • Degenerative cervical spine 
  • Degenerative lumbar spine 
  • Dystaphic conditions
  • Special procedures
  • Thoracic & lumbar trauma 
  • Thoracic, lumbar and sacral tumor 
  • Thoracolumbar deformity 

​1 per month  
1 per month 
1 per month 
1 per month
1 per month 
5 per month  
15 per month 
2 per month 
2 per month 
5 per month
1 per month
5 per month  

Can a fellow assist scrubbed-in?


Types of Fellowship

Observerships, Short-term fellowships, Long-term fellowships

Language(s) available as a means of communication



Available in staff quarters, near spine center