AO Surgery Reference

AO Surgery Reference

Do you deal with patients suffering from a Lenke Deformities Type 1–6? Would you like to know more about the Lenke classification of deformities, the patient examination, and the selection of the fusion levels? If so, then the new AOSpine online referencing module is for you.

Access to AO Surgery Reference.


Larry Lenke and Kenneth Cheung would like to introduce you to the most comprehensive and practical online reference for colleagues exposed to deformity cases consisting of: Curve type (1–6), Lumbar spine modifier (A, B, C), and Sagittal thoracic modifier (–, N, +).

The ease of access and the quality of information available make this tool unique and invaluable. It offers you everything you've ever needed, including: 1. Diagnosis, 2. Decision, 3. Surgical approach, 4. Treatment, and 5. Aftercare.

Additional materials include: the insights on the Lenke classification; helpful information on patient examination; and helpful considerations when selecting the fusion levels. All this information is now available at your fingertips with clear illustrations. The AO Surgery Reference is consulted every day by over 4'300 of your colleagues, mainly in pre-operative planning. Get an insight and download the app like more than 120'000 others worldwide or use it online at

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Keep a look out for the next module on spinal trauma which will be launched in December 2014.



Find out what Jeffrey Wang, German Ochoa, Luiz Vialle, and Kenneth Cheung say about AO Surgery Reference – the Spine module.




Interactive Videos

Interaction is seen as central to an educational experience and is a primary focus of AOSpine's educational offerings. Pioneering with an interactive learning module in the online learning sphere, AOSpine integrates the latest findings in technology enhanced learning with the Pitfalls in Thoracolumbar Trauma course.   

The course contents of Pitfalls in Thoracolumbar Trauma are intended for neuro and orthopedic spine care professionals. The content is highly interactive, with visual animations, experiments, and quizzes, so you can have an enjoyable experience while learning about the possible pitfalls of thoracolumbar trauma. To learn more about online learning, please click here.

Pitfalls in thoracolumbar trauma online course

The Pitfalls in Thoracolumbar Trauma online course module is presented by Dr. Marcelo Gruenberg, Spine Program Director at the Italian Hospital in Buenos Aires, Argentina.