The AOSpine Curriculum

Curriculum Key

AOSpine Curriculum Video

Watch Luiz Vialle, Chairperson, AOSpine International Board (2009-2012), Germán Ochoa, Chairperson, AOSpine Education Commission (2011-2014), and Teija Lund, Chairperson, AOSpine Europe (2010-2013) explain the highlights and implementation of the AOSpine Curriculum.



Based on the philosophy of lifelong learning, AOSpine has created a comprehensive, modular Curriculum to support spine care professionals. With this Curriculum, one can be assured of continuous acquisition of the necessary knowledge and skills that will aid lifelong career progression in areas of specialization.

What is the AOSpine Curriculum?

The AOSpine Curriculum is a framework that offers a foundation for continuing development in diverse practice settings. The Curriculum is based on the competencies that enable spine surgeons to perform effectively across six areas of pathology in their practice setting and to meet the standards of the profession.

How does the AOSpine Curriculum work?

AOSpine's competency-based approach aligns four components addressing the needs of spine care professionals:
  • Educational plan—defines all learning activities
  • Faculty—trained to deliver all content using our framework
  • Resources—learning materials developed in response to surgeons' needs
  • Assessment—identifies surgeons' needs and tracks their progress

How is it organized?

The AOSpine Curriculum delivers educational content based on competencies, learning outcomes, and your needs, using the most appropriate learning methods and techniques.

The AOSpine Curriculum is designed to provide continuing professional development (CPD) through your entire career. It is supported by tools developed to enable you to assess your own educational needs throughout all stages of your surgical career.

The AOSpine Principles

The four AOSpine Principles that create the foundation for proper spinal patient management lie at the core of the design and delivery of the Curriculum:


The four AOSpine Principles apply to each of the six pathologies taught with the support of the AOSpine Curriculum.

Delivering your Curriculum

The AOSpine competency-based Curriculum is delivered using a combination of face-to-face educational events, distance learning, and self-directed resources, supported by assessment tools provided to enable you to measure your knowledge and progress.

Educational activities in the Curriculum are organized under six areas of pathology and are offered for three main levels of experience: Principles, Advanced, and Masters. Please click here, to access a detailed Step-by-Step guide on how to use the Curriculum to build your program.